Corliss Vail
Animated Series
In Development

Centres around Captain Corliss Vail’s origin (from the award winning animated short film, Cyan Eyed), from her humble beginnings as a peasant from a tiny fishing village to the lands most feared pirate of the skies.

Hers is a story of freedom…

After being rescued from slavers by the sky-pirate Blackburn and his infamous crew, orphan Corliss Vail is raised and trained to be a cunning fighter and indomitable leader. When her adopted father loses his life in an attack by the Green Union’s aerial armada, Corliss is named his successor.

After a clue from her past surfaces in the form of an unscrupulous spy, Galien Cassel, Corliss’ path descends into a fraught game of cat and mouse as players from every faction and corner of the globe set themselves against her. The closer Corliss comes to discovering her past, unearthed answers beget only more questions, and revealed truths threaten to shatter her fragile world altogether.

Corliss Vail is set in a fantastical world akin to Victorian era Earth, where the existence of a nigh-limitless and extremely powerful energy source known as Numenence has cracked the planet’s mantle and birthed a triple tier troposphere where floating islands populate the sky, and wind currents are as navigable as water currents. By harnessing Numenance for fuel, flight, and firepower, the peoples of Empyrea have entered a new age of technological revolution where exploration, innovation, and imperialism compete for dominance of the land, sea, and air.


Ryan Grobins – Story/Director
Sebastian Tirlui – Writer
Misha Oplev – Concept Artist
Rudy Sumarso – Concept Artist
Ryan Ferreira – Sound Designer