I have worked for 25 years in the VFX and animation industry on many feature films as well as other things. In 2008 I finally decided to take the plunge to follow my dream to direct and produce my own stories and content. 2010 saw the debut release of my first animated short film, Sneeze Me Away, playing in 31 festivals worldwide and picking up a number of awards. At thirteen minutes the film was a monumental effort made with my wife who painted all but a handful of the backgrounds. Then in 2013, my second animated short film Rose of Turaida was released and screened in 77 festivals also picking up a number of awards. Cyan Eyed was released in 2021 and screened in 42 festivals and some won some awards.

To see more personal work of mine including 3D artwork, photography and music, please visit www.ryangrobins.com, thanks!

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