Nezui is not a studio, it is not a production company, and it is not an organisation. It is just me, a funny name and a whole lot of ideas!

- Ryan Grobins
Title: Empathy (working title)
Format: Live Action Feature Trailer
Status: In Production
Website: Please check back later

Official Poster

In the future, a near utopia has been brought about due to the fact that humans now feel the pain they inflilct on others though a new technology that enables an extremely strong sense of empathy. Violent crime has been reduced by 99%, though there is one last group of criminals who are still able to defy the government with their use of violence. An undercover agent is tasked to inflitrate this group and find out any information necessary to get rid of them once and for all.

Storyboard Rough 1

Storyboard Rough 2

Storyboard Rough 3

Storyboard Rough 4

Storyboard Concept 1

Storyboard Concept 2